Site Build it! To Build and Grow a Free Startup Home Based Business? – Product Preview

The free startup home based business. Is it possible? Yes. Have many others managed to do it? Yes. Is it easy like some say? No.Before reading the ratings of this web site building platform, it is very important for you to understand the basics of what you will need on your home business ‘s journey to success. The biggest one of them is education in how business and searches in general are conducted on the internet.Are search engine spiders something that you should smack with a fly swatter or welcome onto your site? How much did those companies pay to be on the first page, the top 10 results when I do any search? As it turns out, it is free. What happens if you can’t get organic traffic? Do you get sick?Things to look for in a site building package and how Site Build It! compares:Education: Right from the first day, I had problems with this one. They kept harping about how you have to know what you are doing before launching into any niche. Their persistence grated on my nerves. I have to rate their web education a 5 out of 5. They can be a pain, but looking back, they were right.Web Hosting: Just about everyone on the internet is web hosting. A handful have actual training packages in how to build a web page. There is no education in how the web works, though. Site Build It! does its own web hosting. They are no better (or worst) than the others. No rating.Tools: Most people who go into a home based business startup figure that it’s simply a matter of putting a few pages up on the net and you can start raking in the cash. Not quite. There are many tools you want to have at your disposal before you start like:
Tools to help you choose which niche you should get into.
Tools to break into any market and dominate it, no matter how ‘populated’ it might be.
A device to help you choose what can be sold to a particular niche market.
The tools that will help you get traffic for it.For this one, I will give them a rating of 4 and3/4 out of 5. The tools they give you are worth thousands of dollars if you went out and bought them. Many of them are not even available elsewhere.Backup and support: Compared to the rudeness I have experienced elsewhere, their support is tops. Perhaps the best help they offer is in their forums. Here, you can go and chat with others doing the same thing as you. It is amazing what the proper little bit of code adds to a home business site or a fresh idea coupled with experience.Can you see why it is wise to take your time in deciding when to begin your free startup home based business? I just touched the tip of the iceberg here.Don’t let all this talk discourage you. The internet has been called the River of Gold. You just have to know how to navigate it. Most people dip a cup into it. I urge you to show up with a fleet of tanker trucks.Ultimately, the choice is yours. Do you spend the time and effort now to build a web site that will quickly rank on the first page of the results or will you think it all over again on your next grid locked trip to work?I rate Site Build It! a 4and 1/2 out of five.