Social Media and Business Productivity Gaps – Challenges Ahead for Next Generation at Work

Many businesses are losing countless hours every week to social media and social networks as employees use company computers to go online, to tweet their friends, and to update their Facebook pages. This quite frankly shouldn’t be allowed, and it is quite unethical, although 60% of all employees admit to using social networks while at work.In fact, there was an interesting article the Wall Street Journal not too long ago that on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving which is normally the biggest shopping day of the year for online retailers, that employees were going online and ordering from Internet websites, and engaging themselves in e-commerce. They were obviously going to find the deals, discounts, and shop the low prices. Unfortunately they were doing so well they were working.It rather amazes me with so many people underemployed or unemployed that the people who do have jobs would be so disrespectful to go online and use social networks, or buy things online while they are on company time. I do recall when the stock market was way up many years ago people were doing day-trading from work, constantly watching the stock market, rather than doing their job. This loss in business productivity is a real problem.Either these workers don’t have enough to do, or all the work is done, and therefore they are not needed. A business would be much better to lay off those workers, or fire them so other workers would catch a clue that this is unacceptable. In doing so it would improve productivity throughout the workplace and make examples of the worst offenders. As the coordinator for a think tank we were recently discussing the challenges of social media and Business Productivity Gaps.Apparently, the Xer generation is spending much more time than they should online rather than working, but the reality is the baby boomers are also to blame, and somewhere along the line ethics in the workplace went totally out the window. Many workers surveyed who admitted to using social networks while working claimed they didn’t feel guilty about it at all. Why not I ask?If you have similar concerns or comments along this line, I would surely like to hear from you. So go ahead and shoot me an e-mail. And please consider all this and think on it.